100% Degradable Plastic Disposable PLA Spoon

We supply 100% Degradable Plastic Disposable PLA Spoon. Our company have developed a lot biodegradable products based on three new materials to meet different market needs.We also can custom your own low cost and high environmental-friendly products based on your market features.

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Product Details

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1.About The PLA Material

PLA polylactic acid is a new type of biodegradable material that is refined using renewable plant resources such as corn. Glucose is obtained by saccharification, and then fermented into lactic acid, followed by synthesis of polylactic acid. It has good degradability, uses degradable, and ultimately produces carbon dioxide and does not pollute the environment. It is a recognized environmentally friendly material.

2.Introduce Of The Plastic Disposable PLA Spoon

This PLA plastic spoon has a diamond-shaped hollow handle design and is unique in style. It is also suitable for restaurants, weddings, parties, picnics and more. Made from degradable PLA, it is environmentally friendly and meets the needs of sustainable development. In addition, this series also has knives and forks, which can be combined according to your needs or customized.

3.Details Of The PLA Spoon


Spoon: 145*30mm; 


Spoon: 3.67g; 


Spoon:Quantity:1000pcs, pack 50pcs/bag, 20bags/ctn;





4.Feature And Application Of The PLA Spoon

            100% biodegradable cutlery

            Made from organic material

            Light weight with excellent quality

            Cold & heat resistant

            Available in unwrapped or individual wrapped

            Choice of any color

            Selection include knife, spoon and fork


5.picture Of The Real Object

 Disposable Spoon.jpg

6.Factory actual environment and certificate

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 100% Biodegradable Spoon.jpg

7.Our Serving Of The PLA Spoon

We are committed to using pure raw materials for production and full refund in case of  bad  quality or late delivery by signing the quality agreement.

To make your business easier, we only ask for your very basic procurement requirements  to provide the professional tailor-made solutions including but not limited to products,   production, logistics.


Q1: Are you have stock products to sell?

A1:Yes, we have some, but not too much, if you need our design, it will be quickly than your owns, in this way the delivery time will be half.

Q2: What information Should I let you know if I want a quotation?

A2. Gram of material & The size of the products (Diameter* Length) & Quantity

Q3: What’s the delivery time?

A3: It usually takes about 15-20 working days to produce an order from MOQ to 100000. 

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