12OZ Nature Compost Disposables Plastic Biodegradable Bowl

12OZ Nature Compost Disposables Plastic Biodegradable Bowl

We supply 12OZ Nature Compost Disposables Plastic Biodegradable Bowl. Our company have developed a lot biodegradable products based on three new materials to meet different market needs.We also can custom your own low cost and high environmental-friendly products based on your market features.

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Product Details

12OZ Nature Compost Disposables Plastic Biodegradable Bowl

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1.Description of the biodegradable bowl

Our line of Green Recyclable Biodegradable Disposable Cutlery will please the most eco-friendly customers. Made from organic material, it is 100% compostable. Ideal for outdoor events, camping and summer camps!

Different from traditional plastic cutlery,Dexuan compostable cutlery come from renewable resources,and can replace most of the synthetic plastics cutlery.It can much reduce people’s reliance on oil resource.

And Dexuan compostable cutlery can be 100% degraded to CO2 and water and return to nature under the action of microorganisms,to reduce serious white pollution.


2.Details of the biodegradable bowl


Top DIA 120*Bottom DIA 61*H 50mm

Materialbio-based materials



Quantity: 1000pcs; Pack 50pcs/bag, 20bags/ctn;

Carton: 48*44*26 cm




3.Feature and Application of the biodegradable bowl


            100% biodegradable tableware

            Made from organic material


4.Multi-angle display of the biodegradable bowl

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Plastic Biodegradable Bowl.jpg

5.Qualification of the biodegradable bowl

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 Plastic Biodegradable Bowl.jpg

6.Our Serving of the biodegradable bowl

We firmly believe that the spirit of honesty and trustworthiness and seriousness are the basic requirements of today's customers when they look at suppliers. Only by focusing on their attitude can they cultivate a professional team and provide customers with thoughtful professional services before they can strengthen the company! This is the direction that Mei Jiekang has always insisted on and has been working hard. We hope that our customers will provide suggestions and guidance for our products and services, and we will be happy to provide you with quality products and services.


Q: Hello, are you a manufacturer or a trading company?                 

A:We have our own factory.

Q:Why did I choose you?                                                         

A: We have more than 10 years of production experience, we have a dust removal workshop and various related certificates, and the quality can be fully guaranteed.        

 Q:Could you please provide us with samples for our reference?                                                                 A:Certainly, but the freight charge is for you.

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