9 Inch Biodegradable Disposable Lunch Box

We supply 9 Inch Biodegradable Disposable Lunch Box. Our company have developed a lot biodegradable products based on three new materials to meet different market needs.We also can custom your own low cost and high environmental-friendly products based on your market features.

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Product Details

1.Introduce Of The 9 Inch Disposable Lunch Box

This 9 Inch Biodegradable Disposable Lunch Box has a diamond-shaped hollow handle design and is unique in style. It is also suitable for restaurants, weddings, parties, picnics and more. Made from biodegradable materials, it is environmentally friendly and meets the needs of sustainable development. In addition, this series also has knives and forks, which can be combined according to your needs or customized.

2.Details Of The Biodegradable Disposable Lunch Box


L 220*W 190*H 40mm

Materialbio-based materials




pack 100pcs/bag, 2bags/ctn 




3.Feature And Application

- High temperature tolerant:Applicable for microwaves and fridges,no harmful substance released.

- Healthy:Natural material,strictly sterilized,no harm to soil or air after degraded.

- Biodegradable:Biodegrades in 90 days and becomes the feed for plants.

- Odor free:The natural smell of pulp.

- No-leaking:No leaking of water or oil.

- Color:Unbleached

- Service:Excellent quality and after-sale service.

4.picture Of The Real Object

9 Inch Biodegradable Disposable Lunch Box.jpg

5.Factory Actual Environment And Certificate

 9 Inch Biodegradable Disposable Lunch Box.jpg

  Disposable Lunch Box.jpg

6.Our Serving 

We are committed to signing a quality pass agreement to ensure that only pure raw materials are used for production and assume full refund responsibilities in case of poor quality or delayed delivery.

In addition, in order to make your purchasing business easier, we only require you to provide very basic purchase requirements, and the rest are handed to us. We will provide you with the best solution for you.


1. Can the biodegradable corn starch material be made transparent or clear?

-- No. the natural color is creamy white.

2. What is the temperature resistance range of the product?

-- The temperature resistance can range from -15degree centigrade to 120 degree centigrade.

3. How long does it take your product to completely degrade?

-- It will depend on the thickness of the products. The thicker the product is, the longer decomposing process it takes.

4. Is corn starch product more expensive than paper or styrofoam?

-- Normally, it will be more expensive because the density is higher than paper and styrofoam material. However, many city, state, and federal tax incentives are available that minimizes the cost increase. In many cases, it’s actually less expensive because of these green initiatives.

5. What are your MOQ and lead times?

-- MOQ is 1*20’GP. Sample lead time is 3-7days. Mass production lead time is 15-20 days after production mould is confirmed, it depends on the order quantity.

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