Food Grade Disposable Plastic Wheat Straw Compostable Cutlery Set

Food Grade Disposable Plastic Wheat Straw Compostable Cutlery Set

We supply Food Grade Disposable Plastic Wheat Straw Compostable Cutlery Set. Our company have developed a lot biodegradable products based on three new materials to meet different market needs.We also can custom your own low cost and high environmental-friendly products based on your market features.

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Product Details

Food Grade Disposable Plastic Wheat Straw Compostable Cutlery Set

Corn Starch Cutlery

1.Description of the compostable cutlery

Our line of Bio-Based Materials Eco Friendly Disposable Cutlery will please the most eco-friendly customers. Made from organic material, it is 100% compostable. Ideal for outdoor events, camping and summer camps!

Different from traditional plastic cutlery,Dexuan compostable cutlery come from renewable resources,and can replace most of the synthetic plastics cutlery.It can much reduce people’s reliance on oil resource.

And Dexuan compostable cutlery can be 100% degraded to CO2 and water and return to nature under the action of microorganisms,to reduce serious white pollution.


2.Details of the compostable cutlery


Spoon: 150*37mm; Fork: 178*28mm;

Knife: 189*20mm

Materialbio-based materials

Spoon: 4.78g; Fork: 6.37g; 

Knife: 6.8g


Spoon:Quantity:1000pcs, pack 50pcs/bag, 20bags/ctn;


Fork &Knife: Quantity: 1000pcs, pack 50pcs/bag, 20bags/ctn; 





3.Feature and Application of the compostable cutlery


            100% biodegradable cutlery

            Made from organic material


4.Multi-angle display of the compostable cutlery



5.Qualification of the compostable cutlery



6.Our Serving of the compostable cutlery

In the selection of materials, we insist on the use of food-grade granules, do not use color box industrial raw materials and recycled materials, to achieve non-toxic and tasteless, to ensure quality, high-grade color and clarity, at the same time, we also accept LOGO customization, its production time is 15 to 20 days.On the other hand, we have a number of open-model products that you can see in our product list. If these products are not what you want, we can also customize the mold to tailor the products you need. So what are you waiting for? Contact u


Q: Can you give me a sample?

A: Yes, we can,  you just need to pay the shipping.

Q: Can you provide a custom shape and capacity spoon?

A: Yes, of course. If your order is large, we will create a new mold.

Q: When is your delivery date?

A: Look at the specific order quantity, usually 15-20 days, and we will check with you to confirm all the details before shipment.

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