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A new generation of PLA's production methods for degradable plastics
- Dec 04, 2017 -

PLA with excellent transparency, high gloss and good barrier property, and have similar to the oxygen barrier property of polypropylene.Basically, the PLA is the use of plants to learn from the air during photosynthesis warm production and become. 

And as a cereal starch storage, can be decomposed into natural plant after this kind of cereal starch sugar (glucose), the main cause to the natural plant sugar carbon composition of natural plant sugar can through fermentation, distillation and polymerization process into polylactic acid (PLA).The PLA has characteristics similar to that of traditional thermoplastic plastics.

Biodegradable PLA has gained New York products association, which means that in the warm (50 ℃ to 60 ℃) damp and contains microbial environment, PLA can be resolved within 75-80 days.Private garden composting is not suitable for this process because it is impractical to achieve the desired temperature.