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A Safe Separation of Plastic Tableware
- Dec 19, 2017 -

The bottom end of each type of plastic product has a triangle with an arrow, a symbol of "regeneration".There are Arabic numerals from 1-7, the Arabic Numbers are different, representing the different properties and different USES of this plastic material.It's like the identification of plastic products.


The number "1" on behalf of the plastic material for PET, or polyethylene terephthalate, common water bottles, carbonated beverage bottle and so on, the heat to 70 ℃, easy deformation, are harmful to human body material dissolution;After 10 months, the carcinogen DEHP may be released.Can not put in the car basking in the sun, can not pack wine, oil and other substances.The bottle of this logo cannot continue to be filled after use. Please throw it in the recycling bin and let it be recycled.

The number "2" represents the material of the plastic as HDPE, which is commonly used as the packaging bottle for cleaning products and shower products.Not used for food packaging.

The number "3" represents the material of the plastic as PVC.This kind of material at high temperature easy to produce harmful substances, even in the process of manufacturing, it will be released with food enters the body of toxins, can cause diseases such as breast cancer, birth defects.Containers of this material are rarely used in packaged food.If you're using it, don't let it get hot.

The number "4" represents the material of the plastic as LDPE.General products are plastic film, plastic film and so on.Heat resistance is not strong, usually, the qualified PE cling film in the hot melt phenomenon occurs when temperature over 110 ℃, can leave some of the human body cannot decompose plastic preparation.Also, wrap food in plastic wrap, and the oil in the food can easily dissolve the harmful substance in the plastic wrap.Therefore, food enters the microwave oven first to remove the wrapped plastic wrap.

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