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Biodegradable PLA Cup And PLA lid On Selling
- Dec 07, 2018 -

100% Biodegradable PLA Cup


100% Biodegradable PLA Cup.jpg

Feature And Application Of The 100% Biodegradable PLA Cup

1. New high transparent PLA material production

2. Low water absorption

3. Biodegradable compostable, environmentally friendly

4. Suitable for consumption in milk tea, cold drink shops, restaurants, etc.

5. A variety of specifications to choose from

6. Have a matching lid to buy

Compostable PLA Paper Cup



Compostable PLA Paper Cup Feature 

1. Production of natural degradable materials

2, the material burns without odor, can be made of compost material

3, there are different sizes to choose from

4, with a matching cover, can be selected according to demand

5, can customize the pattern and LOGO

Biodegradable PLA Cup Lid


Biodegradable PLA Cup Lid

The Biodegradable PLA Cup Lid Feature

1. Fit the outer wall of the cup to prevent leakage

2. Open design for easy drinking

3. Available in different sizes

4. Why the classic color is black and white, you can also customize other colors

5. Green material table, biodegradable compostable

6. There are PLA cups and paper cups available for purchase in the store, or you can buy them separately.

7.Food Contact Safe under FDA regulations; Compostable complying to DIN CERTCO, BPI