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Commonly used disposable cups printing methods
- Mar 14, 2017 -

Publishes many kinds of disposable paper cups, but we used to have two of the following:

1. Screen printing, screen printing space features such as soft, elastic, has a greatdeal of flexibility and adaptability, is not only suitable for printing on paper and fabric and other soft goods, but also suitable for printing on hard goods, such as glass, ceramics, and so on, and are not subject to the substrate surface shape and size the size limit. But screen printing a paper Cup, the advantage is not well reflected, and screen printing for graphic representation has a lot of restrictions, gradient, reproduction accuracy is difficult.

2. Offset printing, offset printing is to use the principle of oil and water repel each other to print, offset printing paper has the advantage of full color designs, colorful, high definition. Both gradient and the small fine lines can appear good, makes the Cup looks more beautiful, more attractive to the customer's attention. But offsetis not suitable for printing edible paper Cup, because ink is not very environmentally friendly.