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How do we identify the pros and cons of disposable tableware
- Mar 14, 2017 -

Disposable lunch box has so many advantages, so how can we identify the pros and cons of disposable tableware?

On one, from the color resolution, high quality disposable lunch boxes transparentglass several times, surface gloss. And shoddy disposable lunch boxes because ituses recycled materials resulting in low transparency, gloss Matt.

Second, the resolution on the hardness, place two high quality disposable tableware upside down, it can bear the weight of an adult (about 130~140 kg).

Third, from the clean degree of resolution, as disposable lunch boxes for single use, only need to check for water damage, before using residue, fingerprints to identify is a secondary use of the table.

Resolution on the four, from the smell, high quality disposable lunch box of nonpoisonous and tasteless. Import hot water does not have any flavor. Is consumer confidence. Cheap disposable tableware has a pungent smell, are very harmful to human health.