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PC- Plastic Material
- Jan 10, 2018 -

Polycarbonate, abbreviated as PC is a colorless and transparent thermoplastic material.

Chemical Properties: 

PC is resistant to acid and oil. 

PC is not resistant to uv light, not strong alkali.

Physical Properties:

PC is colorless, transparent, heat-resistant, resistant to impact, flame retardant, and has good mechanical properties in normal use temperature.Compared with the performance of polymethyl methacrylate, PC has good impact resistance, high refractive index and good processing performance. It does not require additives to have UL94 v-0 flame retardant performance.

However, polymethyl methacrylate is relatively low in price and can be used to produce large devices through bulk polymerization.With the increasing production scale of PC, the price difference between PC and polymethyl methacrylate is narrowing. 

PC has a poor wear resistance.Some PC devices for wear and tear require special treatment on the surface.