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Plastic food containers can mimic
- Mar 14, 2017 -

Poor-quality disposable plastic meal boxes because of low prices, they can buy for pennies, so was welcomed by some small restaurants. For example, in the production of poor-quality meals, generally adding a large number of industrial-grade calcium carbonate, talc, wax and other hazardous materials, poses a direct threat to the health of users.

Fake environmental plastic meal box hand touch soft, gently a tore on rupture, a smell pungent and choke eye, met hot deformation easy leakage; fake pulp meal box strength poor, color deep, exists serious infiltration oil seepage phenomenon; box and meal box Shang no factory name, and no trademark, and no production date; fake meal box more qualified products heavy, tore Hou put Yu water in the easy sinking (qualified products share is less than 1, not sinking); price cheap, General in 0.10 Yuan following, and real of environmental meal box price in 0.13 Yuan above.

Color eyedropper fancy may not be safe

Drink to pay attention, lots of straw is made of old plastic, of liver and kidney damage.
Some unscrupulous businessmen to cover up the noise made of plastic straws, straw dyed, the brighter the color, more security risks. Experts advise, colored straw it is best not to use. Its raw materials are not ruled out industrial plastics, even waste plastic recycling is possible.

Questions involving the eyedropper can follow threesteps: first of all, ask to see the production and packaging of information, production date, shelf life, production licenses and number (QS-ID). Colors, colorful tryingnot to buy, pay special attention to dark. Finally in the news without having to contact drink through a straw smell pungent odor-free, such as smell, shows are certainly a straw.

Smart identification of disposable paper cups

Pros and cons of disposable paper cups, you can "one two heard three touch" approach to identify.

See: in addition to packaging manufacturers, such as name, address, date of production, but also against the light to see if best buy Blu-ray or impurities;

Smell: pungent odor-free;

Touch: feel soft, may be an inferior product. Tip: when using a disposable paper Cup, it is boiled, so that harmful substances in paper cups full of volatile.