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The origin of Disposable airline tableware
- May 02, 2017 -

Disposable airline tableware is widely used as a disposable dining utensils in Europe developed countries and Chinese civil flights before, 

commonly known as disposable airline tableware. Because of its non-toxic, odorless, sterile, high temperature, heat, nice-style, health, not hot, 

and a series of advantages, It's used as a new clean disinfection type of traditional disinfection tableware in our dinner table now.Disposable 

airline tableware, health and eco-friendly, is appeared in people's dinner table in recent years, but in fact airline tableware has been widely 

used on Aviation field, such as: Eastern Airlines, Shenzhen Airlines. So Disposable airline tableware has a broad space for development in the 


The raw materials of disposable air tableware is using imported food grade environmentally PS material to production. It has a one-time, 

no cleaning, high temperature production, aseptic packaging, 260 degree high temperature injection molding, ultraviolet disinfection, 

exquisite shape, green and environmental, anti-100 degree hot water, no deformation and leakage etc..Disposable air tableware is disposable 

tableware with the implementation of one-time food and beverage GB18006-1-2009 standard production, in line with national food quality 

and safety and in line with national food quality and safety.

Kangweizhe disposable airline tableware is using food-grade PS material to produce through the sterile QS workshop,which can withstand 

acid and alkali,high temperature,germs(Pathogens: Salmonella, Shigella, Staphylococcus aureus and hemolytic streptococcus, coliform, 

mildew, etc.) and others.It can fully implemented from production to packaging with sterile and dust-free operation.

One-time use and without cleaning really solve the cross-infection of the use of recycled utensils and prevent the occurrence of infectious 

diseases.To prevent diseases via direct contact with food,use this nice looking cutlery with comfort.It is a revolution in the distribution market 

of food and beverage equipment! (Is a alternative of traditional disinfection tableware)

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