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To let you know that a one-time snack box materials
- Mar 14, 2017 -

Disposable food boxes on the market in recent years has shifted from foam lunch boxes to the lunch boxes, original foam lunch boxes because of high temperature, causing damage to the environment and production processes has been eliminated, take plastic lunch boxes, paper boxes, wooden boxes, degradable lunch boxes ... For a while. Among them, the plastics due to its low toxicity, high melting point,plasticity, easy production and relatively low cost characteristics, materials for manufacturing disposable fast food boxes thus became the mainstream. PP plastic lunch box, PP refers to polypropylene, with excellent mechanical and thermal properties, particularly suitable for heating food packaging applications. PS polystyrene, rigid, brittle, nontoxic, tasteless, especially for frozen foods such as cakes or salads.

Disposable lunch box type:

▪ Plastic type ▪ cardboard type ▪ starch type ▪ pulp die plastic type ▪ fiber type ▪ can degradation plastic meal box ▪ biological full degradation meal box with plastic made of one-time meal box main has PP polypropylene and PS polystyrene two species, are nontoxic sacrifice, tasteless no olfactory, PP more soft, General PP using temperature is-6 degrees to +120 degrees, so special for costumes hot rice hot dish, can in microwave in heating, or can in steam gas Cabinet in cooking, modified sex of PP its using temperature can control in-18 degrees to +110 degrees, Thislunch box made of PP in addition can be heated to 100 degrees outside, refrigerate. PS is hard, and transparent, but easy to tear, PS began to soften when the temperature of 75 degrees, it is best not to dress up rice hot dish, PS low temperatureperformance is very good, is the best ice cream packaging materials.