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What are the advantages of disposable tableware?
- May 05, 2017 -

Dexuan disposable tableware, a new type of disposable tableware which is made of advanced and safe food-grade material PS(polystyrene), using precision injection molding equipment for injection molding through the high temperature of 260℃, with aspect packing automatically after ultraviolet disinfection. People can feel its quality directly from the appearance because of its high transparency and aesthetic. Diners can see clearly whether there is any fingerprint or scratch on the tableware, making them feel assured to use it.

According to the testing, excessive heavy metals of chromium and lead was found in the colored images around the surface of some plastic milk bottles. Therefore, consumers should try to choose the plastic tableware which is colorless and odorless, without decoration. In addition, consumers should pay attention to the identifier from the bottom of the bowl while buying it. It is assured to use the one identified as “PS”(Polystyrene)”or PP”(Polypropylene). However, because the plastic foam bowl contains foaming agent in it, when soaked in the hot water, harmful substances in the foaming agent will be dissolved and enter the body with food.

Ceramic tableware can be seen everywhere in the hotel or small restaurant, people used to think this kind of disinfected tableware looks high-end and is hygienic after disinfection. When the disinfection process of ceramic tableware is exposed, we come to realize that the so-called disinfection just using dirty water to wish it and then wiping with a rag. The tableware looks clean while dining , but millions of bacteria attached remind people a matter of fear. Many diners rinse it again with boiling water before they start eating. Besides, Ceramic tableware made of inferior clay containing more microbes and harmful substances, it will enter the body with food and hazard our health when long-term use.

Paper products, after all, are not waterproof themselves. It can be achieved through waxing, plastic coating,or processed by acrylate adhesive, but there are something still can not be degraded in it. At the same time, the use of paper products is limited to tableware and cups, with a certain difference in strength compared with plastic products, so its range of use is greatly limited. In addition, there will be much wastewater in the process of paper making, which will pollute the environment seriously.