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What Is Bioplastics And PLA Biodegradable Cutlery
- Nov 27, 2018 -

Bioplastic refers to a plastic formed by microorganisms based on natural substances such as starch. It is recyclable and therefore environmentally friendly. At present, many countries have carried out related research.

1. Bio-plastics can be used to reduce the consumption of petroleum in the production of plastics;

Second, biodegradable plastics can promote the slow recovery of plastics in the United States. According to the US Environmental Protection Agency (the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency), only about 6% of plastics were recycled in the United States in 2005.

Third, bioplastics do not contain toxic substances such as polyvinyl chloride and phthalate. The health effects of these toxins have received widespread attention, and some countries have banned the addition of phthalates to toys and baby products.

4. The development of bioplastics is obtained from pure plants. The plants contain a lot of starch and protein, which is also the main source of acrylic acid and polylactic acid in bioplastics. Acrylic acid and polylactic acid extracted from plants are processed through various processes. The production of biodegradable plastic materials, to a large extent, avoids environmental pollution and damage, which is unmatched by traditional plastics.

Biodegradable Disposable PLA Cutlery Set


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