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Will Biodegradable Plastic Bags Grab Food
- Dec 14, 2018 -

Biodegradable plastic bags are raw materials extracted from plants such as corn. Will it cause plastic bags and humans to “grab” food? The PLA obtained by refining the starch is made into a biodegradable plastic bag.

Biodegradable Plastic.jpg

Ordinary plastic bags are made of petroleum as raw materials. Their molecular structure is very stubborn. They are buried in the soil for several hundred years without degradation. The biodegradable plastic bags are microbes in the high temperature and high humidity composting environment for about 6 months. All eaten and turned into organic fertilizer. The organic fertilizer formed by the biodegradable plastic bag has no pollution to the soil.

Starch can be extracted from corn, sweet potato, potato and other plants. It has a wide range of sources. China is also a big corn producer with the second largest output in the world. Compared with the huge supply, the social consumption capacity is insufficient, and the consumption of the environmental protection industry is very limited. In fact, it is not new to use corn, cassava and other foods for industrial production. For example, the paper industry has already used starch as one of the industrial raw materials.