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Disposable Plastic Meal Boxes Attention
- Mar 24, 2017 -

In this era of rapid consumption, many disposable things, in the case of eat out, most people will choose to use disposable plastic meal boxes, we use, should pay attention to what issues?

First, it should reduce the frequency of used disposable plastic meal boxes, conditions had better bring their own lunch box, to ensure that health;

Second, before use, be sure to observe in advance, identify boxes constitute a material and put it into the microwave is not recommended;

Third, deny the use of foam plastic food containers;

Finally, on the pros and cons before use to identify, avoid the use of poor-qualitymeals, and do not put hot food;

Finally, choose the lunch box should be smooth, strong, relatively better quality;

Last, if you really can not avoid to use, be sure to eat lots of fruits and reserves, drain the toxic components of the body, for example, apples, bread, maize, millet and soy foods.