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Features Of Plastic Products(plastic Knife Fork Spoon, Knife And Fork Group)
- Apr 24, 2017 -

China’s output of plastic products in the world ranking has always been at the forefront, in which a variety of plastic products has been located in the world’s first.

Compared with metal, stone, wood, plastic products ((plastic knife and fork spoon, knife and fork group)) has the advantages of low cost and strong plasticity.

1. Light weight: Plastic is a lightweight material with a relative density of 0.90 to 2.2.

2. Excellent chemical stability: The vast majority of plastic acid, alkali and other chemical substances have good corrosion resistance.

3. Excellent electrical insulation properties: Ordinary plastic is a poor conductor of electricity, its surface resistance, volume resistance is very large, with a figure of up to 109 A 1018 ohm.

4. a poor conductor of heat, with the effect of noise reduction and shock absorption: Generally speaking, the thermal conductivity of plastics is relatively low, equivalent to the steel 1/75 – 1/225