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Great Emphasis Must Be Put Into Safety Of Cutlery
- Apr 25, 2017 -

The different materials of cutlery are bamboo&wood,paper, aluminum,steel,and porcelain.

1.Bamboo&Wood Cutlery

The best advantage of bamboo & wood cutlery is non-poisonous,as they are made from natural and organic material.

But to prevent microbial infection,they should be kept in dry place,regularly disinfected and replaced.Aside from,don’t show any interest in those painted bamboo&wood cutlery,which is nice looking with negative impact,as it usually with poisonous

2.Paper Cutlery

You don’t need to worry about the safety and quality about most of paper cutlery,as there is a strict standard during material purchasing and production.What should be concerned is that some manufactures produce with recycled paper material to save cost in great market competition,which could easily spread infectious disease.What’s more,dispose of paper cutlery makes environmental pollution somehow.

3.Aluminum Cutlery

Attention should be paid in aluminum cutlery,as it increase the risks of Alzheimer’s,Osteoporosis and arteriosclerosis after long-term absorbing of aluminum.To prevent the above risks,try to use aluminum cutlery as less as you can and don’t scrape the wok wall.Meanwhile,don’t use it to store rice ,porridge and any dishes with salt.

4.Steel Cutlery

Steel cutlery is common but can not be used once it got rusted,which will cause inappetence and vomit.It should not be contacted with oil for long time,as it will easily cause oxidation and corrosion itself.

5.Porcelain Cutlery

There are over-glaze color,in-glaze color and under-glaze color.

Over-glaze is fired after decal paper being pasted in ceramic white ware,which is more cost effective.

In-glaze covers and concludes all the colors inside.

Decal of under-glaze is wrapped by glaze,which is relatively safer.

Long-term use of over-glaze with organic acid food will cause chronic of heavy metal poisoning,immunocompetence decrease and hematological system disorders,as glaze color contains some lead and cadmium.

Therefore,it is proposed that not purchase those colorful and deep color porcelain cutlery.

Boiling the porcelain cutlery for 5 minutes can kill bacteria in some degree.If the cutlery color found changed dramatically in vinegar water, please leave it to your trash bin,as it is a symbol of poison.

To clean the porcelain cutlery,use some soft woven cleaning doth with clean water.

In addition,keep it free with acid,oil and alkaline.Don’t put those porcelain with metal decoration such as golden lace,silver lace,metal wire-photos in microwave oven in case of poison.