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Harm Of Substandard Disposable Plastic Meal Boxes
- Mar 24, 2017 -

In modern society, many restaurant industry are using disposable plastic meal boxes, in an effort to clean, and even some people at home in order to facilitate the use of cutlery. Disposable tableware market is complex, use the tableware does notguarantee clean, if the poor with quality dishes will bring very serious consequences, is very detrimental.

Substandard disposable plastic meal boxes dangerous, unqualified foamed plasticmaterials in food when the temperature is too high is not only melting occurs, willburn users, may also be harmful ingredients into food materials. Many unqualifiedplastic tableware is not recycling biodegradable material, waste also pollute the environment causing environmental pollution, thereby indirectly affecting human health. These situations can be seen from disposable plastic meal boxes most everyone should be careful about quality check every used tableware, should also pay attention to when purchasing regular factory is enough qualified products.