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Hot Sale Disposable Biodegradable Cup
- Sep 29, 2018 -

  With the severe changes in the ecological environment, it is imperative that degradable tableware can replace ordinary plastic tableware.This disposable biodegradable cup is made from bio-based materials. This bio-based material is synthesized by high-tech production technology and can be 100% degraded into carbon dioxide and water, and returned to nature under the action of microorganisms, reducing severe whiteness. Pollution. In the contemporary catering market, avoiding environmental pollution and saving energy through the decomposition of high-tech production technology and natural conditions is a controversial “disinfection” and an ideal substitute for tableware.

  As a manufacturer of plastic tableware, Dexuan is always paying attention to the hot topics in the world. As countries gradually introduce the prohibition of using non-degradable disposable products, we also increase the design and use of degradable tableware, hoping to follow the social footsteps. And make progress together.

Disposable Biodegradable Cup


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Biodegradable Plastic Cup


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