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Lincoln Continental Relies On Plant Composites To Lose Weight
- Dec 20, 2018 -

Lincoln Continental uses composite materials developed by Celanese and International Paper to make automotive interior parts that deliver at least 25% weight reduction for each component, resulting in significant cost savings.

The car is lightweight, and the luxury car is not listed!

No, Lincoln has adopted sustainable thermoplastics to achieve at least 25% weight loss. What is wrong?

Originally, Celanese and International Paper jointly developed a composite material that incorporates cellulose fibers and long glass fibers from trees into a polypropylene matrix.

Lincoln Continental uses this composite material to make automotive interior parts that deliver at least 25% weight reduction for each component, resulting in significant cost savings.

In addition, the solution can reduce 20-40% of time loss and a large amount of energy consumption, reducing emissions of about 14 million kg of CO2.

The 2018 Lincoln Center's central console body is injection molded from this sustainable plant composite with the same mold, and the finished product can also meet dimensional stability and component performance requirements.

Recently, the material was awarded the “Auto Industry Sustainable Materials Environmental Award” at the American Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE) Automotive Innovation Awards Gala. The SPE Innovation Awards are the oldest, largest-scale competition in the automotive and plastics industry, designed to recognize the best in the automotive plastics arena.

Representatives of Celanese, International Paper, Ford and Summit Polymers (Ford T1 suppliers and mold makers) attended the Innovation Awards Gala and accepted the awards. At the same time, Celanese was nominated for a nomination for the car exterior and interior category.

“This innovative solution from International Paper and Celanese will enable automakers to significantly reduce harmful emissions by improving material production and achieving lighter weight,” said Celanese CFO & CIO Verghese Thomas.

“International Paper has created new, sustainable and recyclable products to help our customers achieve their goals. We are pleased to work with Ford and Celanese to make lighter weight parts. International Paper THRIVE® composites meet all of Ford's specifications and requirements, making injection molders and Ford vehicles cost-effective while providing additional environmental benefits,” commented Russell Anawalt, vice president of global cellulosic fiber sales and marketing.

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