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New York Will Ban The Use Of Foam
- Dec 06, 2018 -

NYC zerowaste, the official quote of the New York City government, said on November 18 that "from January 1, 2019, New York City will ban the holding, sale and use of certain types of foam. Includes foam lunch boxes, cups, styrofoam balls, plates, bowls and trays."

New York will ban the use of foam, small businesses can apply for exemption

    Small businesses and non-profit organizations with a gross income of less than $500,000 can apply for a difficult exemption from the City Small Business Bureau (SBS), but need to prove that if a substitute for foam is used, the financial status of the business will Seriously affected. The Small Business Bureau began accepting applications for exemptions in the fall of 2018.

    The New York City website also points out some exceptions, such as if a merchant receives a product that contains foamed plastic products, it will not be penalized. The meat store can continue to use foam to store raw pork, chicken, meat, and seafood. In addition, the foam used in packaging express parcels is not covered by this ban.

    According to the price of online wholesalers, the price of substitute tin foil, paper and plastic lunch boxes allowed by the city is about 2 to 8 hairs, while foam plastic lunch boxes are less than 1 cent.

    The City of New York launched a ban on foam in 2015, but it was not implemented due to the lawsuit of the tableware and restaurant owners. The two sides have been fighting in the court for nearly four years.