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Paper Pipette Factory Is Below Cost Price In Promotion
- Dec 04, 2018 -

UK: McDonald's will use paper straws instead of plastic tubes in all restaurants in the UK and Ireland, and many large companies and restaurants will also behave with degradable products or other plant fiber substitutes.

Taiwan: The Environmental Protection Agency also announced plans: starting from July 1, 2019, the public sector, public and private schools, department stores and shopping centers, chain fast food restaurants and other four categories of 8,000 companies, may not provide internal users once Plastic straw

EU: Proposed a proposal to ban 10 disposable plastic products such as plastic straws, tableware and cotton swabs in the future, as these small plastic waste products account for 70% of the total waste water in European waters and beaches.


 Beach filled with plastic waste

       Various types of alternative products have appeared one after another, and the paper straws are the first choice for replacing plastic straws because of their complete degradability, variety of colors, and the most eye-catching. This year's Canton Fair paper straws can be said to be a big hit. Everyone is increasing their equipment capacity. Because of the promising industry prospects, all walks of life are making paper straws, and the whole industry is busy. Paper pipette factories have sprung up all over the country.

        Although the paper straw industry has a long history, it has always been in a state of survival. Until the promulgation of the European ban on plastics this year, this industry became the daughter of the emperor. When the paper straw does not replace the plastic straw, the paper straw is mostly used for decoration. Because it does not directly enter the mouth, everyone has done their homework on the printed pattern and the decorative card. The whole industry has been in an embarrassing situation without standards and norms. There are various standards, each with its own specifications.

 People familiar with our Dexuan know that we are professional disposable plastic tableware, disposable plastic straws, plastic lunch boxes, plastic tableware, whether it is from technical strength or market share, we do a good job, but we Did not meet the status quo.

       We know that disposable plastic products, while bringing temporary convenience and enjoyment to some people, have caused long-lasting and widespread harm to everyone's living environment and health. Since 2015, Dexuan has decided to transform and upgrade as soon as possible through frequent domestic and international market research and investigation. The products should be environmentally friendly and degradable, and we must continue to increase product research and development efforts. I hope everyone can see the change of Dexuan. Work together for the environmental protection of the earth.

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