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PLA Bottle Wholesale Costa Rica Receives Nearly 30 Tons Of Plastic Bottles In 8 Hours
- Dec 12, 2018 -

  According to the South American Overseas Chinese News Network, on the 7th, Costa Rica recovered about 29.7 tons of discarded plastic bottles in 8 hours through the environmental protection project "Electronics", which is expected to create the new Guinness World of "the largest amount of discarded plastic bottles in 8 hours." Record. However, this challenge is still waiting for the Guinness Review.

According to reports, the world's Guinness record of “the largest amount of discarded plastic bottles in 8 hours” has been recorded at 23.539 tons, which is maintained by India.

  With the support of the Costa Rican Ministry of Health, local governments, private companies, schools, garbage stations and social actors, the “Electronics” project made an attempt to break the Guinness Book of Records in the world on the 7th.

  They collected 29.702 tons of discarded plastic bottles made of PET and HDPE, all of which will be recycled and recycled by Costa Rica Cold Drinks and Farm Foods.

The recycling operation took place from 7:30 am to 3:30 pm local time on the 7th, and these plastic bottles were transported to the Pedregal Activity Center in San Antonio, Belém County.

It is understood that the sources of these discarded plastic bottles include: Blue Flag Ecological Project, Red Cross, Eastern Enterprise Park, Pedregal Activity Center, Costa Rica America Free Trade Zone, chain restaurant company "El Cafetal" Belem County Branch , Tobogang Enterprise Center, Viva Park and Costa Rica Electric Power Research Institute.

  Carla Chavez, head of the "Electronics" program, said: "This event reflects Costa Rica's willingness to implement sustainable management practices, which also strengthens our country's determination to recycle waste."

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