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The Report Of MEGA SHOW PARIS — Dexuan Plastic Group.
- Dec 06, 2017 -

This is a busy year for Dexuan Plastic Group. After exhibition in Birmingham, UK on Dec,and then we attened Paris Show on Nov. 

As we know, France will be first country to ban the plastic tableware. To protect the Earth's environment and we must to do something useful. Dexuan Plastic Group taken 3 years to  research and development the biodegradable projects and we final have good news in this part! 

Mainly Products at this MEGA SHOW PARIS: 

Biodegradable Tableware:  

1. PLA Tableware: 100% biodegradable. 

2. Wheat Straw Tableware: 50~60% biodegradable. 


Airline Tableware:

1. Airline Cutlery Set

2. Airline Cup, Tray, 

3. Aviation Peripheral Products 

We are very satisfied with the results of this show and have long term business with Prias cutomers. France is a long-term development and market for Dexuan Plastic Group. 

Please click "Product" to learn more details about our products.  (Notice: Below have our team pictures)

Thanks for your reading.