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Why Is It That Recycling 90.5% Of The World's Plastic Waste Can Become The Richest Man
- Jan 17, 2019 -

   According to reports, a dead sperm whale was found near the island of the National Park in Indonesia. There was nothing special about watching it. However, in the stomach of the 31.17-foot whale, a large amount of plastic garbage, such as plastic bottles, plastic bags, and plastic cups, reached 13.2 pounds, which again caused public concern about plastic pollution.


      In 2018, all kinds of rich list and annual hot words list are endless, but they are all out of date! There is also a list of annual statistics, although this is little known, but it is more worthy of attention. Of the 200 or so figures, 90.5% stand out. This figure is the proportion of unrecycled plastic waste in the world. The Royal Statistical Institute of the United Kingdom believes that from the beginning of industrial manufacturing, only a very small amount of plastics in the world have been recycled, and 6.3 billion tons of plastic waste can be produced each year, but 90.5% of the plastic waste is not recycled.


      If you feel that this number is not enough to touch people, then you will be shocked to see the calculations of Professor Liberty Vittert at Washington University in St. Louis. The total plastic production in 2018 can fill 72 trillion large shopping bags, each containing 31 plastic bottles. Assuming that the cost per plastic bottle is 3.25 cents, then a large shopping bag costs $1. With 72 trillion large plastic bags, the cost of production reaches 720 trillion. This number can buy super companies such as Apple and Amazon. This means that if someone can recycle all the plastic, then he can sit on the throne of the world's richest man.


      As an ordinary person, don't feel that plastic garbage is far away from us. It is already in our daily life. Perhaps the most common ones are plastic bags that buy food, buy fruit, and buy snacks. People are willing to pay a little more, but also use plastic bags instead of self-supplied shopping bags. In fact, this is a habit, and you may not know when you will consume it. Therefore, for convenience, you can only choose to pay for it, continue to use plastic bags, and become a member of plastic waste.


      With the rapid development of the Internet industry, take-away has become a way of life for us, but the plastic waste produced by take-away is not too much. According to statistics, the number of take-away users in China has exceeded 600 million. Consumers who purchase more than 3 times a week have occupied 63.3%, which means that take-away has become a daily necessity for people. The package boxes for take-out are often Plastic products are also available for an additional fee. Some business circles do not have a packing fee, and they have already reduced the cost into the grid, and still provide a packing box.


      The take-away industry is booming, with packaging boxes of up to 400 million per week. In addition to packing boxes, don't forget that there is also a layer of plastic bags and disposable tableware. These are standard for take-away. In this way, the daily production of plastic garbage for sale is as high as 350 tons, which has to be worrying.


      I believe many people know that plastic waste is difficult to degrade and will affect the environment, whether it is land or sea. However, these plastic wastes can also cause harm to people's health. First of all, plastic bags can cause cancer. This is not an alarmist, but a plastic bag that is used normally. The merchants are colorful for publicity. In order to achieve this effect, a coloring agent is required, and the coloring agent often contains benzopyrene.